Community Resources:

Outpatient Specialists

San Luis Obispo County

Paso Robles Physical Therapy, Paso/Nacimiento/Atascadero (805) 237-0272 (PWR!Moves Therapists)
• Wendy Westphal PT, Emily Hernandez PT, DPT (also LSVT BIG), and Brenda Mendoza PTA

San Luis Sports Therapy, Templeton (805) 434-2050 (PWR!Moves Therapist)
• Kara Dolny PT, DPT

Central Coast Physical Therapy, Atascadero (805) 462-1110 (PWR!Moves Therapist)
• Ethan App PT

Beyond Speech Therapy, Atascadero (805) 591-7188 (LSVT Loud and Speak Out! Therapists)
• April Nolan, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Stephanie Oldham MA, CCC-SLP, Yvette Delio MA, CCC-SLP

Therapy Works, Morro Bay (805) 772-7358 (PWR!Moves and LSVT BIG Therapist)
• Amy Shimer PT, DPT, NCS

Sunnyside Physical Therapy, Los Osos (805) 528-2590 (PWR!Moves Therapists)
• Audrey Elliott PT and Jennifer Rubio PT

Movement Arts Clinic, SLO (805) 330-2170 (Dance for PD)
• Ryan Lawrence PT, DPT

Precision Physical Therapy and Wellness, SLO (805) 439-3900 (PWR!Moves Therapist)
• Kristen Carless, PT, DPT; Kate MacVicar, PT, DPT

Language, Learning, and Speech Center, SLO (805) 543-3945 (LSVT LOUD, Speak Out! Speech Therapy)
• Lisa Roeder MS CCC/SLP; Megan Morrow MA CCC/SLP; Marna Scarry-Larkin MA CCC/SLP

Northern Santa Barbara County

Marian Health & Wellness Center, Santa Maria (805) 739-3185
  • Yamini Balasubramanian, MS, CCC-SLP (Speak Out! Speech Therapist)  

​​​​​​​Beck and Cale Physical Therapy, Santa Maria and Nipomo (805) 922-1724 (PWR!Moves Therapist)
• Kathy Zack PT, DPT

The Healing Project Physical Therapy, Solvang (805) 686-4642 (PWR!Moves Therapist)
​​​​​​​• Mary Beth Johnson PT, MS