What is a Parkinson specialist?  Why go see a therapy or exercise specialist with a certification?  What kind of certifications are there?
All therapists can treat people with Parkinson Disease.  However, therapists with a certification or a specialty in Parkinson Disease is better equipped to provide the optimal therapy or provide the most impactful exercise program.   Please help us keep these resource pages up to date!

Physical Therapy 

Most Parkinson specialists have taken a certification course in either PWR! Moves or LSVT Big.  The following list may be incomplete, but lists the local therapists who are either PWR! Therapists or LSVT Big Therapists, or in some cases both!

San Luis Sports Therapy, Paso Robles  Jennifer Metzler PT, DPT and Roseann Koerber PT, DPT

Paso Robles Physical Therapy, Paso/Nacimiento/Atascadero
Wendy Westphal PT and Brenda Mendoza PTA

San Luis Sports Therapy, Templeton Kara Dolny PT, DPT

Central Coast Physical Therapy, Paso Robles & Atascadero Ethan App PT and Emily Hernandez PT, DPT

Precision Physical Therapy and Wellness, SLO (805) 439 3900 (PWR!Moves Therapist), Kristen Carless, PT, DPT

Focus Physical Therapy, Lompoc (805) 733 7500 (LSVT BIG Therapist), Danielle Wiswall, PT
Cambria Physical Therapy, Cambria, Melissa Sanden PT, DPT

Therapy Works, Morro Bay, Amy Shimer PT, DPT, NCS

Sunnyside Physical Therapy, Los Osos, Audrey Elliott PT, and Jennifer Rubio PT

San Luis Sports Therapy, SLO, Andrea Ripoyla PT, DPT, and Charlene Powell PT, DPT

San Luis Sports Therapy, Arroyo Grande, Jessica Williman PT, DPT

San Luis Sports Therapy, Santa Maria, Brian Woo PT, DPT

Beck and Cale Physical Therapy, Kathy Zack PT, DPT

The Healing Project Physical Therapy, Solvang, Mary Beth Johnson PT, MS
805 686-4642

Speech Therapists 

Most Parkinson specialists have taken either LSVT Loud or Speak Out! certification courses.  All speech therapists can provide you with appropriate speech therapy for any difficulties you are having with your voice, your swallow, or your thinking process/memory.  In our area these are the therapists with specialty certification.  Please let us know if there are others!

Marion Health and Wellness Center  Santa Maria, Aundie Werner, M.S., CCC-SL

Beyond Speech Therapy, Atascadero
April Nolan, M.Ed., CC-SLP;
Yvette Deleo, MA CC-SLP
Stephanie Oldham, MA, CCC-SLP